Avengers: Endgame New leak Multiple Important Spoilers

Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame

The interest of the people is very much visible about the Avengers Endgame. And this is the reason that many things related to the film are heard for the day we come in. Now there is so much truth in these things. It will be known only after the film arrives.

So let’s look at all the spoilers and rumours of the Avengers Endgame.

Time Travel –
It has been reported here that most of the part of the Avengers Endgame will be based on the time travel and we find out about it when Marvel Superhero appears in his old look during the shoot. And it looks like Time Travel will be used to defeat Thanos.

Captain America Old Look –
Now because this film is based on the Time Travel, then Captain America can not see you in its nomad look, that is, the Captain will appear in his old clean bearded look and the Captain will have his shield too.

Hawkeye New Ronin Look –
You will see Hawkeye in a new and different avatar in the Avengers Endgame and they will come with the Ronin Look of Hawkeye, Ronin Look in the Hawkeye Avengers Endgame, and Swat Fighting learn will be accompanied by Swat Fighters and because we are one of the Hawkeye in the trailer of the Avangars Endgame Different looks have appeared. That’s probably the Ronin incarnation of Hawkeye.

Iron Man Infinity Stone –
The world is in danger and iron man does not do anything, and if you talk about rumors here, it was told here that Iron Man is going to make an Infinity weapon of his own that will help fight the thanos.

Iron Man Friend Captain America –
In the Avengers Endgame you will appear as Iron Man and Captain America friend and the maximum part of the film will be based on this.

Captain america Death –
During the Avangars Endgame Movie, your favorite superhero Captain America will die and this part of the film will be of a very large level and because this is the only demand according to the mcu, now it seems.

Professor Hulk –
In the movie Hulk will show you a different incarnation, which will be Professor Avatar of Hulk, according to which the brush banner will control the incarnation of Hulk and the newer Infinity gloves Hulk will be worn.

Iron Man Death –
During the Avangars Endgame Movie, your favorite superhero Iron Man will die and this part of the film will be of a very large level and as per the mcu, this is the only demand.

Marvel Biggest Superhero Scene –
Watching marvel superhero together will be amazing and now according to the rumor, there is a scene in the movie where you will see Marvel’s 38 superheroes together and it will be the most heart-dumb scene of the film.

Iron Man Son –
You will also see Iron Man’s Baby in the Avengers Endgame, which will be connected to the future.

Super Heroes Will be Alive –
All super heroes killed in the Avangers Infiniti War will be alive again and they are absolutely sure.

More Villains –
Where everyone is feeling that Thanos alone will clash with Marvel Superhero, then here’s a twist for you that the film will have more than one villain.

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