Gully Boy Full Movie : Review

Gully Boy Full Movie Review
Gully Boy Full Movie Review

Movie Name – Gully Boy

Star Cast – Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt

Director –¬†Zoya Akhtar

Timing – 2h 33m

Star – 4

This time, the famous director Zoya Akhtar has come up with the story of the struggle of street rappers on the film curtain to make films out of the way. Ranveer Singh has made his dream through the film. As a rapper, he has shown his talent to another world. But the street boy who focuses on rap culture has not been able to ‘hard’. Ranveer’s ‘Time’ is already in the acting zone. But in Rap World, their ‘time has come’. Let’s know how this movie is made.

Movie Story –

Gully Boy is the story of Murad (Ranveer Singh) living in Dharavi of Mumbai. Who dreams of getting bigger than poverty and doing something big. But do not they know? He often writes his pain and words in the notebook. Safina (Alia Bhatt) is a girlfriend of Murad. Which belongs to a good family. There is a difference between the two states, so their romance stolen is hidden. Meanwhile, Murad’s father Shakir (Vijay Raj) second married. After the arrival of the second mum, Murad remains unhappy after seeing his mother’s miserable condition. He fears the father and bows his head down to everything.

In the life of Murad, Uturn happens after the entry of famous rapper MC Sher (Principle Chaturvedi). MC Lion is a famous rapper. Murad also wants to be like the MC Lion. They take the training of rap. Meanwhile, due to the illness of the father, Murad has to take responsibility for the house. He works as a driving driver instead of father. Music programmer Sky (Kalki Koechlin) offers Murad and MC Sher to sing. This song gives sensation. Then Journey to Murad’s Alley Boy begins. But Murad’s father is against the rap. How his life changes again between job and rap practice. To know how Murad completes his dream of becoming a rapper, you will have to watch the film.

Movie Watch Why –

The strongest side of the film is the spectacular acting and songs of artists. This movie is a treat for rap culture lovers. Songs of Gully Boy are already hit before the movie’s release. Ranveer has considered his singing talent iron. The songs made in his voice have become magnificent. The lyrics of all songs are strong and connect directly to the heart. Rap battles shot in several sequences have become tremendous. Movie dialogs are good. Fresh pairing of Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh is effective. After watching the gully boy, fans will definitely want to see him again in a movie.

Movie Why Do Not See –

The story of gully boy is very simple and simple. Perhaps this is a major reason for its weakness. In the movie, the lack of hits and spices of entertainment and Bollywood films shines. If you think about theater entertainment, you will definitely come back frustrated. The film is quite long. First half bore. Zoya Akhtar ended up tying the role of interval characters. Second half gradually captures the speed, but in the middle the story gets slowed again. The movie proves to be a failure in stopping the audience. The climax of the gully boy is disappointing. There is no breath in the story.
Ranveer Singh’s passion to become a rapper could be presented in a great way. By breaking the poverty hierarchy, Ranveer dreamed of doing something bigger than the family and the realm of his society, but his story lacked pain and lack of obscurity.

Box office –

There is a tremendous ringtone on rap music based on a street lane. The film’s budget is being told about 50 crore. Earned up to 8 crores of movie advance bookings Release of the film to Valentine’s Week will benefit. Gully Boy is getting a 4-day long weekend. Due to single release, there is full hope of doing a good collection at the box office of the movie. The rest of the collection will depend on Word of mouth.

Gully Boy Movie Review
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