World Biggest Action Movie Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff

Hrithik vs tiger biggest action movie

Hrithik and Tiger will be big bang this year

In the current period, the industry has only two such actors, who can injure anyone with their tremendous action stunts as well as their dance moves. Yes, we are talking about Bollywood’s Two Handsome Hunk Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. Just think, when these two actors come together in a film then how will the theater be?

Let’s say that both of these artists are going to see you in Yash Raj’s new action film, both Tiger and Hrithik have started preparing for the film, and some parts of the film have also been shot last year. There are many things related to this movie, through which we can say with the claim that this film will easily cross the 500 million mark in the box office. So let’s put the 7 look at such things, which proves that this film is actually going to break many records at the box office.

Hrithik vs Tiger
Hrithik vs Tiger

1. Tiger combines hands with Hrithik for the first time –

The tremendous fan of Hrithik and Tiger is following, and till date both of them have not joined hands for any project. It is clear in such a way that when the film arrives, there will be no room for the audience’s happiness and outside the theater, it is going to be quite a line.

2. The film will be shot at a large level –

Tiger and Hrithik’s film has to be shot in 14 global cities. And to shoot the film, the film’s hero will have to work a lot as the levels of the film have to be rolled out everywhere.

3. Beautiful Actress will make fire in the film –
vaani Kapoor is going to be seen as a lead actress in this movie. If we say that Vaani Tiger and Hrithik have the power to give a tough fight in the matter of dance, then maybe we will not be wrong. If Vaani, Tiger and Hrithik mix rhythms together in the film that is being made under the Yash Raj production, then surely the fiance of the fiance is about to stop.

4. The film’s director is quite hopeful –

Siddharth Anand is directing this film. Earlier, Siddharth has made films like Anjana Anjani and Bang-Bang. Both films had different genres but the way Anand shot both films, it was a kabilatarif. Although both of the films did not earn well at the box office, but we have great expectations from the Hrithik-Tiger film.

5. Hrithik and Tiger on fire on dance floor –

Hrithik and Tiger are coming together in a song in this movie. And this will be the first time when Hrithik and Tiger dance together

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6. Yash Raj is promoting film at large level –

This film is being made under Yash Raj Production and there is nothing bigger than that. There are no two opinions in this regard, like the rest of the rest of the films, Yash Raj is also going to promote this film at a bigger level.

7. Is the story of a movie –

Please tell that this is an action film and it is about to play Hrithik Tiger’s Guru. At the same time, Hrithik and Tiger will also face each other.

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