Junglee Full Movie : Review

Junglee Full Movie Review
Junglee Full Movie Review

Name – Junglee

Cast – Vidyut Jammwal, Pooja Sawant, Asha Bhat

Director – Chuck Russell

Timing – 1h 55m

Star – 3.5

In the film, the animation and action of the animals has been shown so beautifully that in a short time after watching the movie you get involved with elephants’ names and characters and start understanding their emotions. Guinea-selected films have been made in animals in Bollywood, but the ‘wild’ will not only remind you of Rajesh Khanna’s ‘Hathi My Partner’, but also the scenes of cheerful scenes of nature and the innocence of elephants and their innocence. Action will fascinate you.

Story – Elephant’s teeth smuggling has become a business which has not been fully reinforced even today. The fruits are flourishing very well in the business market. Wild under the direction of Chuck Russell has also been trying to raise the issue. Dipankar Nair is a very loving person with elephants. Together with his wife he opens Chandrika Elephant Century. Many elephants are sheltered here. Now one day Dipankar’s wife dies due to cancer. After this, Dipankar’s son Raj (Vidyut Jammwal) leaves his father and goes to Mumbai. He becomes a known animal doctor. But when Raj comes to meet his father on the tenth anniversary of his mother, then he realizes that everything has changed in Chandrika Elephant Century. Now the predators are dominated here. An International Pocket Racket has been established here. Everyday elephants are killed by these predators. Now Raj can not see his father’s dream shattering. So will the Raj save this century, will the lives of these innocent elephants survive, will it prevent an illegal racket and the biggest question is whether Raj will get revenge for these elephants. To know all these things, you have to go to Chuck Russell’s film.

Chuck Russell has raised a serious issue through the wild, but seeing the film looks like he has not been fully successful in his mission. Critical issues such as smuggling in the wild were raised, but the film did not light up on its solution. In this movie shot in the forest of Thailand, the story is short and action scenes can be seen more. These films show us the beautiful scenes of the forest, but due to the weak story they do not color.

Music – Wild music is not very strong. Just ‘Mohan Kannan’ sung ‘friendship’ slightly relaxes. The relationship between elephant and human beings is very beautifully depicted in that song. The background score of the film is not according to its speed. Background score could be slightly energized.

So you can say, Chuck Russell’s wild one can stir the heart of the children once. But due to its weak story and unsuccessful message, it will not reach that point.

Why See – Action Sequencing, Heartbreaking and Massacre Elephants and Visual Treatment of Orissa’s Scenic Scenes makes it possible to watch the film. If you are an animal lover, then the film will be in your heart.

Junglee Full Movie
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