Kesari Full Movie Review Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra

Kesari Review
Kesari Review

Akshay Kumar’s 2019 bursting film Kesari in which you will be seen fighting 21 Sikh soldiers 10000 Afhagan and in this movie you will also see Bollywood fairy Parineeti Chopra

Now Ksaeri completes a movie review. Akshay kumar 21 in Kesari, who guard with his Sikh Soldiers team on the border of India but one day suddenly 10000 Afghans groups attack and want to capture this part of India and then a big world begins. And 10000 Afghans attack 21 Sikh soldiers who guard on Sima, but 21 Sikh soldiers do not accept defeat and 10000 fighters fight till their last mother-in-law and prevent their Afghan forces from coming to India with their passion and enthusiasm. And then the remaining Sikh soldiers reach for help and the remaining Afghans escape. And in this way we see in the film how 21 soldiers fall on 10000 Afghan people.

This is the most passionate song in the film which has already been quite super hit and in the film there is a small role of Fairy but it will be very effective and you will also see a great action in the film.

There is a very dangerous and special action scene in Kesari, which was quite amazing to see in Akshay’s style and that the film is going to be full of passion, then for those who are in the mood to watch a great movie, then Kesari is fantastic. This film is also good for action lovers.

Now let’s talk about some things of Kesari that makes this film a bit faded, it is not that much budget has been made in Kesari’s comedy scene and Kesari. It was also shown in the film trailer and one for shooting the film. The entire movie was shot in a single place by creating a separate set and thus you will not see much of the film in the film.

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