Notebook Full Movie : Review

Notebook Full Movie Review
Notebook Full Movie Review

Name – Notebook

Cast – Zaheer Iqbal, Pranutan Bahl

Director – Nitin Kakkar

Timing – 1h 53m

Star – 3

Notebook is a romantic film, with every scene being presented in a very romantic style. Do not spend too much time when teens were sharing books with books and pages. He used to write the love of his own body and keep on throwing it on the pages. In this digital world, it is not possible to put love in such a way now. But whoever has given love in this way in his life, the notebook film will take his finger and take him in the same time. The notebook film shows the innocence of love, but where there is talk of deepening love But the film looks a bit loose.

Story – The story of the movie ‘notebook’ starts with Kashmir, where one day Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal) calls a phone that he will have to fulfill his father’s dreams by coming to his ancestral house. Upon reaching home, he realizes that in the school where his father Kashmiri was realizing the dream of educating the children, he is no longer a teacher there. Actually, Wooler Public School, built between the beaches of a lake, used to work for the education of children ever without a power, water and mobile network, i.e. Firdous (Pranutan Behl). After the departure of Paradise, the responsibility is given to Sir Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal). While teaching children, a handbook appears in his hand and after that Kabir’s life changes completely. In fact, he had a notebook of pyridos and in it he had made statements in his own opinion about the life-style of life. After reading that notebook, Kabir gets a deep love from Paradise. Later, Paradise also falls in love with Kabir. The most interesting thing is that these two have never seen each other. Can I find this pair of romantic love or not? You need to watch the movie to know it.

Why see – If you are fond of romantic movies then you can see this movie.

Notebook Movie
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